NYeC Operations Center

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Statewide Network (SHIN-NY)
The Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) is a network of information transmitted between users. Like the internet, as more users connect, it grows, evolves, and becomes more secure, efficient, and easy to use.
Patient Portal
Health information technology refers to all computer programs and tools that help store, organize, and exchange medical information electronically. This includeselectronic health records and e-prescriptions, which replace paper files and handwritten scripts, along with tools such as mobile heath apps and remote monitoring. Better health technology can mean better care. The more accurately and completely health data is be stored, transmitted, and accessed, the more comprehensive the information available for treatment.
For Healthcare Providers
As a member of the healthcare community, you may already be using EHRs. You may have made the switch from paper some time ago, or you may only now be looking to make the leap. No matter where you are in the process, or if you simply have questions about how health IT or health information exchange might serve your patients and support you in your practice, NYeC can help.
Digital Health Conference
The Digital Health Conference brings together a diverse group of professionals for two days of lively intellectual exchange. Healthcare providers, IT innovators, health leadership, start-ups, hospital officials, group practice managers, investors, and entrepreneurs will gather to hear insights, ideas, and analysis from leaders in the health IT community.